This Is The One Thing Liam Neeson Will Never Do In A Movie

Liam Neeson

Taken star Liam Neeson turns down every film that involves his character riding a motorbike.

The tough guy actor refuses to get on a bike after a 2000 accident almost claimed his life – and he refuses to entertain film projects that include two-wheeler action.

“I’ve read a couple of scripts where the character’s on a motorbike,” he told Men’s Journal magazine, “and I’m like, ‘Is this important to the script?’ ‘Yeah it is’. ‘OK, I’m not in’.”

Further on in the article, Liam suggests his late wife Natasha Richardson made him promise never to get on a motorbike again after his 2000 spill in New York, which left the actor with a broken pelvis.

Sympathizing with the interviewer after he revealed he’d been involved in a bike crash, the actor said, “You have to watch yourself. Get it out of your system. Make a pact with your wife. And don’t cheat on it.”

Neeson drove his bike into a tree after colliding with a deer near his home in Dutchess County. He was thrown from the motorcycle and landed in an embankment. A truck driver spotted Neeson lying on the roadside and alerted emergency services.