Liam Payne relies on cooking to successfully co-parent with ex Cheryl

Liam Payne credits time in the kitchen with ex Cheryl for making their co-parenting arrangement successful.
The former couple is currently doing its best to raise two-year-old son Bear, and, in a sit down with Us Weekly, the One Direction star revealed he is working hard to ensure he and his ex remain bonded as a family.
“As a dad, I think one of the hardest parts at the start of it all (a split) is to feel as involved as possible,” he tells the publication, revealing he likes to spend time in the kitchen.
“One of my biggest tips, I would say, is cooking, because if you’re cooking and you’re looking after her and she’s looking after (your kid), then you’re looking after everybody. And you want to feel like that, part of the unit… so cooking was always a really big thing for me at the start.”
Liam is particularly good at cooking pancake breakfasts.
Meanwhile, the singer reveals his son is a mini-me.
“My mum brought all my old toys to the house, and then Cheryl was like, ‘Oh, he’s playing with this red car all the time. It was yours’,” Payne explained. “I was like, ‘Is it a Jaguar?’ And it was my favourite car when I was (his age). So he’s literally like a little me.”
Payne and his ex-girlfriend split in July (18).