Liam Payne risks missing out on son’s big moments due to work schedule


Liam Payne won’t relax his work schedule to spend more time with his son Bear because he’s determined to build a good life for his little one.

The One Direction star has been working hard since he launched his solo career with debut single Strip That Down last year (17), performing and undertaking publicity tours around the world to promote subsequent singles Get Low, Bedroom Floor, and For You, his duet with Rita Ora.

He welcomed his first child, Bear, with popstar girlfriend Cheryl last March and he knows that he is risking missing out on some of his son’s big milestones, but feels like it’s important to keep working to set Bear up with a good life.

“Being a father is grounding. You realize that you are not working hard to improve things just for yourself, but for them as well,” he told The National in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ahead of a gig in Dubai on Friday (30Mar18).

“I realize I can build something for him to have, as long as I work as hard as I can right this second. So I’ve got to hit the ground running. Unfortunately, it’s a risk that I will miss out on certain things. I am aware of that, but it’s important for me that I carry on and make this right for him.”

According to The National, the Dubai show marked the 24-year-old’s second full solo set with his own band and dancers.

Liam, who recently revealed he was going through a rough patch with Cheryl, told the publication he focussed on how to fit his career in with his new family when he decided to go solo.

“Once I realized that this is what I love doing, I thought about ways I could make it work for me and my family. But it wasn’t just about fixing things from my time with the band,” he explained. “A lot of it was personal, and I had to change the way that I approached things. I had to get the mental balance right, and once I did that, everything just felt clearer.”