Lily Allen gives free Glastonbury tickets to local kids

Lily Allen has given away her complimentary tickets to Glastonbury festival to children in her village. The Smile hitmaker received a batch of free tickets to Britain’s iconic festival as a gift for performing at the event, but rather than hand them out to her showbiz pals, Allen and her husband Sam Cooper gave them to youngsters in their home village of Cranham, England.
She tells Britain’s BBC Radio 1, “I get a certain allocation and because I am on the Pyramid (main) stage you get more… My husband has been in charge of ticket allocation. I have quite a lot of blaggy friends who hit me up for stuff all the time and never really appreciate it. I have all the calls, ‘Can we have some tickets?’ He has given them all to our villagers. There’s, like, 25 kids from Cranham who have never been to Glastonbury and who are going have such a shock and all my showbiz mates are like ‘Er?'”
Allen is due to perform at the festival on Friday (27Jun14).