Linda Nolan worried Celebrity Big Brother portrayal will affect fostering career

The Nolans star Linda Nolan worries her recent portrayal as a “baddie” on British reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother will adversely affect her standing as a foster parent. Nolan was approved as a foster parent in 2013 after a lengthy vetting process and has since cared for a four-week-old baby and a two-year-old boy for short periods as a respite carer.
She is keen to take on more foster children in the future, but fears she was portrayed in such a negative light during her time on the show, on which she was made to look like “a moaning b**ch” during arguments with fellow housemates, that it could affect child service authorities’ opinion of her.
She tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, “Every reality show has to have the stereotypes and I was cast as the baddie because the public wanted Jim (Davidson, who won the show) to win. I’m a huge fan of the show and I know how it works and how it’s edited. But the audience was seeing 46 minutes of 24 hours… I knew I’d get booed again at the final – but I hope this won’t cause any problems with my fostering… I’ve been very up front and they know me very well now…. I don’t think it will be anything horrendous – except perhaps some of the language – but I never swear in front of children anyway.”