Lindsay Lohan Escapes Another Car Collision

Lindsay Lohan recently avoided another car accident involving paparazzi photographers–just weeks after a snapper crashed into her.

Police allege Gaio Ramirez intentionally smashed his mini-van into Lohan‘s
Mercedes while chasing her to get a picture on May 31. Lohan suffered
minor injuries and Ramirez was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon–his vehicle.

And while his day in court approaches and police impose a crackdown on
zealous snappers, Lohan admits that just three days ago, she avoided another

She says, “It’s scary.”

But Lohan admits that, for the most part, photographers have been behaving

She adds, “I feel like I’ve opened a lot of doors for people to just be more
cautious and they do stay back further from me now.”

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