Lindsay Lohan reunited with missing fur coat

Lindsay Lohan has new Super Bowl champion Sidney Rice to thank for reuniting her with the missing half of her $75,000 (£46,875) fur coat after she left it at a club following a night out in New York. The Mean Girls actress accidentally left a section of the luxury two-piece by her table after partying at popular hotspot 1Oak last Wednesday night (29Jan14), but when she returned to the venue to retrieve it, the item was nowhere to be found.
However, it has since emerged that American footballer Rice, who had been among a group of people at Lohan’s table, noticed she had misplaced the fur so he took it home for safekeeping and later contacted the star to let her know he had it, reports
Rice was in New York ahead of his Seattle Seahawks team’s big game against the Denver Broncos in nearby New Jersey. The injured wide receiver did not play during Sunday’s (02Feb14) high-profile sporting event, but was still present to celebrate the Seahawks’ win as they beat the Broncos 43-8.