Listen Up!: Marilyn Manson: Molester?

Marilyn Manson doesn’t know when to stop. He tears up pages of the Holy Bible, mimics sexual acts with his microphone, spits water at fans and molests his package on stage.

And he’s always been able to get away with it all…until now.

His Satan-loving stage show went too far during a July 30 performance at the DTE Energy Theater in Clarkston, Mich., after he allegedly wrapped his legs around the shoulders of a security guard fronting the stage and began rubbing his crotch area against him, Reuters reported.

To make matters worse, or more amusing, as I would describe it, Manson was wearing a G-string bikini during the incident. What a visual!

I, for one, have seen Manson perform a handful of times, and if there is something his audience has to understand it is that you can’t take anything he does on stage seriously. Everything he does is purely for shock value.

Obviously, neither the security guard nor prosecutors saw it that way, when they issued a warrant for his arrest after the Michigan show. The Goth rocker is being charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and battery. Prosecutors have not yet been able to reach him, MTV reported.

Like a beast after his prey, Manson stalks the audiences before he pounces on them, sucking them into his dark-filled rock show.

Somehow my twisted mind loves him for it.

Has anyone ever thought that he should remake the Divinyls tune “I Touch Myself?” Now, that would be amusing.

Welsh, Hawkins Hospitalized

Just as some stars are checking out of the hospital (ahem, Mariah Carey), others are checking themselves in.

The alternative band Weezer became worried after their bass player, Mikey Welsh, failed to appear for a scheduled video shoot on Aug. 14 in Los Angeles.

They found out his whereabouts two days later, when they learned that Welsh had checked himself into a psychiatric hospital in his hometown of Boston to treat a “private medical condition,” Rolling Stone magazine reported.

“We unfortunately still don’t know what’s wrong with him and continue to find it very difficult to find out any more from those who might know,” Weezer assistant Karl Koch wrote on the band’s official Web site.

But with a new tour starting in San Diego, Calif., on Sept. 11, the band was forced to temporarily replace Welsh and picked Scott Shriner, bassist for the LA rock band Broken, to accompany them on the road, MTV reported.

Also hospitalized is Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins after he suffered from a suspected drug overdose during an Aug. 18 festival in Chelmsford, UK.

In a statement released to the media by the band’s publicist on Tuesday, Hawkins was reportedly the victim of “overindulgence” and is now in “stable condition.”

As a result, the Foo Fighters have canceled the rest of their European tour.

According to BBC Online, Hawkins had been partying with the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers but left quite soon after their own set finished.

After being labeled as the biggest group of drug addicts in the early ’80s, the Red Hot Chili Peppers now claim that they are drug free, especially after their guitarist John Fusciante suffered from a heroin overdose in November of 1996.

Hopefully, they will guide Hawkins on the right track.

2001 Teen Choice Awards failed to impress

Okay, I will confess: I am a teenybopper at heart. I am such a sucker for the teen scene that I rushed home on Monday night to watch the 2001 Teen Choice Awards show on TV.

Armed with a big bowl of warm buttered-flavored popcorn and a tall glass of iced tea, I caught myself smiling after I saw my favorite boy band, ‘N Sync, walking down the red carpet.

All the celebrities I love were there. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler was chewing his gum (which later served as a present to Sandra Bullock), a dateless Carson Daly made funny faces at the camera, and Ben Affleck, who is in rehab to treat alcohol abuse, made a surprise appearance.

Even so, there didn’t seem to be enough fuel to start a fire, and the award ceremony got dull quickly.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter looked like a derelict, wearing ripped clothes and sporting dull hair that looked as if it hadn’t been washed in weeks. He danced and screamed like a maniac as he exchanged high fives with his little brother, Aaron Carter. I think that any respect that I had for the Backstreet Boys went down the drain after I saw the performance.

And talking about bad taste in clothing…what in the world was Britney Spears wearing? Maybe she was opting to live up to her nickname “Pinky,” but did she really have to wear a pink robe over her minuscule denim outfit?

Spears also enjoyed playing musical chairs when after sitting next to her mother through most of the show, she magically appeared next to boyfriend Justin Timberlake the minute before she was she went onstage to receive the “Choice Female Artist” award. How convenient!

Obviously, the move was made so that the kiss swapped between the two lovebirds could be broadcast on national television. Talk about a publicity stunt.

Eminem looks out for his daughter

Rap artist Eminem may sing about murdering his own wife and warble about his mother being a drug addict, but it’s only to create controversy.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that the chainsaw-wielding rapper has a softer side.

But he does…really.

The Grammy-winning artist told Q magazine on Monday that all the money he makes is being saved for when his daughter Hailie, now 5, goes to college.

He also said that at the end of the day, Hailie knows that her dad is “not what he says in his songs.” Smart girl.

“When I say I’ll murder my baby’s mother, maybe I wanted to do it but I didn’t do it. Anybody who takes it literally is a bigger idiot and 10 times sicker than I am,” Eminem said.

Maybe it’s time for critics to stop pointing fingers at Eminem and begin to see the talent hidden underneath that tough skin of his.

Bono loses his father to cancer

Our deepest condolences go to U2’s lead singer Bono, whose father died of cancer on Tuesday.

“I want to thank my father for giving me this voice,” Bono told thousands of fans after a London concert the next night, Reuters reported.

Bob Hewson, 70, had been ill for some time, and Bono had been flying back to his native Dublin each night during the band’s current Elevation 2001 tour to spend time with his father.

Bono had been dedicating the song “Kyte” from U2’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind album to his father, saying it felt “like my father wrote it for me. It’s funny how things work out.”