Listen Up!: Savage Garden call it quits

Call them another “one-hit wonder.”

The Australian pop duo Savage Garden have broken up after topping music charts and bombarding radio stations with their contagious ballad “I Knew I Loved You,” last year.

The duo of four years has decided to split up. Darren Hayes will embark on a solo career and Daniel Jones will stay out of the spotlight.

“We achieved something so great in a short period of time that we had to look for something else,” Jones told Reuters on Friday.

The band took the United States by surprise in 1998 with their single, “Truly, Madly, Deeply,” topping charts and winning a Billboard Music Award for adult contemporary single of the year.

Their breakup story sounds like another, though legitimate, version of Milli Vanilli to me. I wonder if a VH1’s Behind The Music series on them is on the works.

Give me the money!

It feels good to be rich. Or at least that’s what The Beatles, Britney Spears and ‘N Sync can say, each of whom scored high numbers on the 100 Top Celebrities list in Forbes magazine this month.

The Fab Four ranked third on the power list–behind Tom Cruise and Tiger Woods–with earnings of $70 million for the year. Blonde teen bombshell, Britney Spears, took fourth place in the power rankings, earning $38.5 million. Boy band ‘N Sync topped her financially, with $42 million in the bank, but charted at #8 on the power list, just behind the Backstreet Boys, who brought in $35.5 million.

Forbes ranked the artists by determining their incomes, magazine cover appearances, press clips, TV and radio hits, and Web hits.

Last year, the Rolling Stones topped the chart at #6 with $50 million, the Backstreet Boys were at #8 with $60 million, Cher was at #9 with $40 million and Celine Dion chimed in at #13 with $43 million.

Is Courtney Love a troublemaker?

Music industry insiders call her the “troublemaker” of rock and roll, but Love is just looking out for justice–really.

Courtney Love is on her way to court after a Los Angeles judge ruled that her lawsuit against Universal Music could go to trial, a Love spokeswoman told Reuters Thursday.

Love counter-sued Universal in February 2000 after they sought damages for five undelivered albums when Love tried to end her contractual relationship with the recording company. In Love‘s opinion, the record industry locks artists into contracts that extend for much longer than allowed in other businesses such as television, film and sports.

But that’s not it. Love is also suing Universal Music Group and remaining Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl for control of Nirvana‘s master recordings. According to, Love is asking for Nirvana‘s master tunes to be returned and claims that Universal has failed to account for $3.1 million in royalties.

In related news, Love will play her first show as a solo artist backed by ex-Hole drummer Patty Schemel when she opens for Jane’s Addiction at the Hollywood Bowl on Oct. 27 in Los Angeles, Love‘s manager, James Barber, told

Earlier this month, the all-female rock group she formed in March fell apart as the members started splitting off to do their own projects. Hole is currently inactive as Love and guitarist Eric Erlandson fight a legal battle with Geffen Records after she finished two records of a five-album deal before departing from the label.

Bon Jovi offers “America The Beautiful” Download

Rocker-actor Jon Bon Jovi and “compadre” guitarist Richie Sambora have recorded a touching version of “America The Beautiful” that is now available for download as an MP3 file on his official Web site,, states an Island Records press release.

“We gave blood, made sandwiches, donated clothes and money, and we sang. We sang for our country, to our country, as our way of saying we’re one, united,” Bon Jovi said. “Download it, keep it, save it, play it, be proud of it, and I’ll ask you to do so with your hearts as well as your wallet.”

Where in the world is Jason Newsted?

Seems like Metallica‘s former bassist is keeping busy as he entered the studio to produce Texas’ rock band Speedealer.

“Speedealer is the first heavy band worthy of my 110 percent commitment since Metallica,” Newsted told on Tuesday.

Currently, the Dallas quartet are crafting their record–tentatively titled Second Sight–slated to hit stores in spring 2002.