Listen Up!: Timberlake to duet with Spears

Listen Up!: Timberlake to duet with Spears

‘N Sync heartthrob Justin Timberlake told Rolling Stone magazine on Tuesday that he wants to do a duet with pop princess girlfriend Britney Spears.” “I feel like we still have artistic growth to show, and maybe after that, then I’ll think about it. It definitely would be a spectacle. It would be huge,” he said.

‘N Sync fans are still having a hard time coping with the recently confirmed two-and-a-half-year romance between Timberlake and Spears. On July 21, MTV premiered Road to Celebrity, a listening party where the members of ‘N Sync played some songs of their new album prior to release date. After fans asked Timberlake about his relationship with Spears and he said he loved her, they booed. “Hey, booing isn’t going to change anything,” Timberlake said to them.

The pair made a perfect match when they went public with their relationship last March, but it gets to be a bit irritating when both constantly talk about each other (Timberlake describes her as “the cream of the crop”). The big question is, will any of Timberlake’s 12-year-old fans who are still upset about his romance with Spears buy his new single? Many fans who once liked Spears stopped liking her after they heard of the romance between the two. Sometimes a duet between musicians who are dating can be cute (gag), but how long does it last? We all remember Jessica Simpson’s duet “Where You Are,” (as well as her relationship) with 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey, don’t we?

Jackson tribute causes family feud

Poor Michael, all he wanted to do was celebrate his music career. But a month shy of the Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration show, the long-anticipated reunion of the original Jackson 5 brothers is slowly falling apart.

On July 20 Reuters reported a statement made by Jackson 5 members Jermaine and Randy saying they would not participate in the show because of “exorbitant” ticket prices. As fans (and media) began to doubt the reunion would take place, brother Marlon issued his own statement apologizing for the confusion caused by Jermaine’s statement, which Marlon claimed was “totally false.” He apologized and said that Randy had “never seen the statement” and confirmed his presence in the event.

Talk about brotherly love….The fact that the Jackson family constantly points fingers at one another no longer comes as a surprise to fans, who could care less who said what to whom or who’s accusing whom, but who just want to know if there will be a Jackson 5 reunion or not. It’s time to put the dirty laundry aside and give the fans something they want to see. It’s the music that matters; maybe that’s something the Jackson family still has to learn after all these years.

Hetfield joins McLean in rehab

Looks like rehab is the rock star’s version of a summer spa. Only two weeks after Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean checked himself into an undisclosed location to treat his alcohol abuse and depression, Metallica frontman James Hetfield jumped onto the (band) wagon as well. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Hetfield entered a rehab facility to treat alcoholism and “other addictions.” Ironically enough, alcoholism and drug abuse is the reason why Metallica fired their former lead singer (and now Megadeth lead singer) Dave Mustaine from the group in the early ’80s.

In the meantime, Metallica has canceled all of its scheduled activities, including a July 29th party marking the relaunch of their official Web site,, and the recording sessions for their first studio album since 1997’s Reload.

We’re not gonna take it…or are we?

Wait, is that Twisted Sister‘s Dee Snyder? Oh sorry, Christina, from behind you almost looked like him. The “Lady Marmalade” team of Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil’ Kim picked up six nominations for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, which airs on Sept. 6 at New York’s Opera House. Some of the “Lady Marmalade” team’s nominations include Best Dance Video, Best Pop Video and Best Video from a Movie (Moulin Rouge). As if the video didn’t play enough on MTV, or the song on the radio. Well, I guess 30 pounds of makeup and very little clothing is what guarantees these performers a spot onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Beatles to release another greatest hits album

The surviving members of the Beatles are considering releasing yet another greatest hits album to follow the huge success of last year’s compilation release 1, drummer Ringo Starr told the syndicated TV show Access Hollywood on Tuesday. “There’s a couple of projects in the works,” Starr said. “Nothing will be out until next year and we’re all going to meet up again in October and finalize what it will be. I mean, everybody wants the No. 2s.”

It makes sense for a band as famous as the Beatles to put out a greatest hits album to remember the best songs of their career, but haven’t they done that enough times already? The Brit band released the two-CD sets 1962-1967 and 1967-1970 years ago, as well as the three Anthology albums in 1996–all including the same songs. Why would anyone want a 2–to own the same songs with a different album cover? It begins to defeat the purpose of a recollection album altogether. If the Beatles released an album featuring different versions of their songs that might be worth buying, but a sixth compilation CD featuring the same recycled music is clearly a rip-off.