Lizard bites Stone’s husband

A 10-foot Komodo dragon bit the foot of Phil Bronstein, Sharon Stone‘s husband, at a Los Angeles zoo on Saturday, Reuters reports. Bronstein, the executive editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, was visiting the zoo with Stone when the accident happened. The tour was an early Father’s Day gift for Bronstein, who had always wanted to see a Komodo dragon up close. Zoo spokesperson Lora LaMarca told Reuters Bronstein was in the cage shoeless with the dragon when the normally calm dragon mauled his foot. Zookeepers had suggested Bronstein remove his white tennis sneakers before entering the cage because the dragon is fed white rats and might have mistaken the shoes for its next meal. The injury required surgery to reattach severed tendons and rebuild the casing of Bronstein’s big toe. He was also treated with antibiotics and monitored for infection since the dragon’s teeth harbor septic bacteria. Stone told the San Francisco Chronicle that the dragon clamped down on her husband’s foot and thrashed its body around until he was able to free himself by prying the dragon’s jaw open while zookeepers fended the reptile off.