Ll Cool J and Brad Paisley mock song controversy in TV skit

Rapper Ll Cool J and country star Brad Paisley poked fun at the furore surrounding their controversial duet Accidental Racist during a skit on U.S. show Saturday Night Live. The duo made headlines this week (begs08Apr13) after releasing the track, about modern-day racial tensions in the U.S.
Critics accused the stars of trivialising the legacy of slavery, but both musicians spoke out to defend the song, and they addressed the topic once again as they appeared on Saturday night’s (13Apr13) comedy sketch show.
In a mock interview with anchor Seth Meyers, LL Cool J declared, “We did it, racism’s over!”
Paisley added, “What I wanted to do was show folks the gritty racial reality of a man at Starbucks talking to his barista.”
The country singer also said, “We know the song’s not perfect,” to which the rapper joked, “It’s not even good. Musically or lyrically. All we’re trying to do is start a conversation.”
Vince Vaughn gave a monologue on the show and made the audience part of his skit.
He told the crowd, “The most important people that are here tonight is not the cast, it’s not the writers, it’s not the crew and contrary to popular belief it’s not me… the most important people here tonight is the audience. I wanna make sure that we’re all on the same page… make sure we’re off to the right start.”
He then went into the audience to jokingly confiscate a man’s cell phone and eject two members of the crowd.