Look, Jane! It’s ‘Daddy and the Professor’!

In 1972, Jane Fonda went to North Vietnam and was branded “Hanoi Jane” for her anti-war views. And around the same time, Karen Rosenfeld was born.

What do the two women have in common? Five months ago, Fonda split from husband Ted Turner. And this month, Rosenfeld is dating Turner.

The national media are fixated today on reports that 61-year-old Turner is smitten with a (oh, the scandal!) younger woman. A much younger woman (she’s 28). And not just any much younger woman, a smart one to boot.

According to authorities on these matters (in this case, the gossip columnists of the New York Daily News), the media magnate’s new hottie is a brainiac who works as an English professor at Marymount Manhattan College on the Upper East Side. Rosenfeld has degrees from several universities and is now working on a doctorate from Columbia.

More riveting details on this story, no doubt, are forthcoming.