Lopez’s “Tick-Tock” delayed

Looks like Columbia Pictures has decided to push back the clock by delaying the production start date of Jennifer Lopez‘s next film project, Tick-Tock.

The picture had been scheduled to begin shooting December, but will now start production in June 2002.

The studio executives were fearful of a negative reaction to the film’s terrorist-driven plot after the recent tragic events. They may revamp the picture’s story.

The story focuses on an amnesiac who wakes up in FBI custody as the prime suspect to bombings in the Los Angeles area. The suspect and a young FBI agent (Lopez) race through the streets of Los Angeles trying to find and disarm the bombs, while the suspect desperately tries to remember who he is and whether he planted the explosives.

“We still intend to make the movie,” a Columbia spokeswoman told Variety, “but we are going to take a close look at the storyline elements.”