Losing David Bowie’s hat convinced Moby to stop drinking

Moby decided to give up alcohol following a decade of heavy drinking after a hat given to him by David Bowie was stolen from his apartment during a drug-fuelled party. The Porcelain hitmaker sobered up in the mid-2000s after his partying spiralled out of control following a devastating heartbreak, and he has now confessed losing a precious gift from the Ziggy Stardust icon helped convince him to change his ways.
Moby reveals Bowie gave him the fedora hat he wore in 1976 film The Man Who Fell To Earth, and the dance star was devastated when it went missing from his New York apartment.
He tells Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, “About 10 years ago, I was over at his (Bowie’s) house and he gave me a present, the greatest present anyone has ever given me: the fedora that he wore in The Man Who Fell to Earth. And on the inside of the brim it said: ‘To Moby, Love David.’ I felt like I’d been given the holy grail, because Bowie is my favourite artist of all time.
“A few weeks later, I’d been in this terrible bar and it closed and I invited three people back to my apartment. Anyway, people were smoking crack in the bathroom, and at six in the morning I took out this hat and I was showing it off, and in the morning it was gone… I remember thinking: ‘Boy, I need to stop drinking’.”