Louis C.K. shares first-feature film online with fans

Comedian Louis C.K. has released a film he made over a decade ago co-starring celebrity pals Steve Carell and Wanda Sykes. In 1998, the Emmy winner wrote and directed his first feature-length film titled Tomorrow Night, a comedy starring his friends Carell, Sykes, Conan O’Brien and Curb Your Enthusiasm’s J.B. Smoove.
Despite the fact the movie screened at the acclaimed Sundance Film Festival, studio executives never picked it up.
Now nearly 16 years later, the funnyman has resurrected the black-and-white movie and made it available to view on his website for just $5 (£3) on Wednesday (29Jan14).
In an e-mail promoting the release of Tomorrow Night, C.K. writes, “I’m putting it on my website with the hopes that I can continue this way of distributing stuff. I’d also like to pay back some of the people who helped me finance the film. I’d also like people to finally see it so that the performances can be awarded with applause and laughter.
“I’d also like to make a profit from it so I can use the proceeds to make a new movie and release that on my website as well. Wouldn’t that be something? OK, so buy it tomorrow. And tell your friends to do it also. Or don’t. It’s really only partially up to me what you do with your time and money.”
C.K. successfully released his work online at a low cost in 2011, when he made his Live at the Beacon Theater stand-up comedy special available for $5. It made $1 million (£625,000) in just 10 days.