Love was in the air on the set of Big Sur

Big Sur stars Kate Bosworth and Josh Lucas were caught off guard when they found love on the set of the movie. The stars play a loved-up couple in the movie, and it seems romance was in the air – as the project served as a catalyst for their real-life romances – Bosworth fell for director Michael Polish and Lucas started dating writer Ciencin Henriquez. Both couples have since wed.
Lucas tells U.S. TV breakfast show Today, “The kind of interesting thing about this movie is this movie created two relationships. Kate fell in love with the director, Michael, and they ended up getting married and my wife and I fell in love during the making of this movie and (had a) son.”
Bosworth and Polish began dating in 2011, shortly after her relationship with True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard ended, and the couple wed in August (13). Lucas wed his girlfriend in March (13).
The actress explains it was not awkward to work with her future husband on the film.
She says, “I’ve always admired his work and I signed onto this film because I’m such a fan of his, such a fan that I never wanted to leave his side ever again…
“We have such a natural way to work with each other that it doesn’t get in the way, it doesn’t hinder anything, it just adds to it.”