Lucy Liu Talks of Angels

After months of speculation and rumors of alleged fights on the set, “Charlie’s Angels” star Lucy Liu is fessing up. No! She did NOT take a swing at co-star Bill Murray during filming.

The 31-year-old “Ally McBeal” star says the two did have creative differences during one, count ’em, one scene, but that she never tried to clock him in the jaw, The Associated Press reports. And word now is that the two are on very good terms.

Great! We can all sleep now.

DOWN BUT NOT OUT: Muhammad Ali was on the ropes, but now he’s stinging like a bee again. “Ali,” the Columbia Pictures film about one of the greatest fighters ever, was almost scrapped last week when its director, Michael Mann (“The Insider”), alerted execs at the studio that he might not finish the movie in time within the $106 million budget.

But after a series of talks and agreements with investors, including the film’s star, Will Smith, shooting will continue under a shorted production schedule. Foreign investors in exchange for the film’s German rights will pick up overrun costs.