Lupita Nyong’o slept in prosthetic wounds during Slave shoot

Rising star Lupita Nyong’o suffered for her art while filming 12 Years A Slave by going to bed covered in painful prosthetic welts. The Kenyan actress has taken Hollywood by storm with her big screen debut in Steve McQueen’s harrowing film, playing slave girl Patsey, who is viciously beaten and raped during the movie.
Make-up artists plastered her body with plastic welts to make it appear as if she had been whipped, and Nyong’o went to sleep with them still stuck to her skin in a bid to understand her character’s dreadful life.
She tells Britain’s Telegraph magazine, “I could only sleep on my stomach and I was so uncomfortable and haunted by these ‘wounds’. I realised my night of discomfort was temporary. Hers (Patsey’s) was permanent. It broke my heart realising how she had zero choice. All she ever wanted was to be released through death and she didn’t even get that.”