Lykke Li Is Homeless

Lykke LiRay Garbo/WENN

Cult Swedish star Lykke Li is technically homeless after spending her time crashing at friends’ places around the world.

The singer reveals she has been staying with pals because she has yet to buy her own place, but she plans to establish a more settled life once she wraps up her 2014 tour commitments. She tells Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, “I have bags all over the world that I’ll probably never see again.” 

However, Li admits she is having a little trouble deciding where she wants to set down roots. She adds, “For me that’s been a big problem: where should my home be? I’ve neglected that question my whole life.” 

The perfect home isn’t the only thing Li covets – she would love to start a family, too, although she is not so sure about the idea of marriage. She says, “My dream is to live on a ranch and have a family and a garden and kids and lots of instruments. I want to create a beautiful atmosphere and a beautiful childhood…”

“I’m not opposed to marriage – it’s never been something that I’ve dreamt of. I’m pretty shy when it comes to big crowds. I wouldn’t want to have a big wedding, and bureaucracy freaks me out. I want to live an uncomplicated life.”