Lynch fans asked to sponsor documentary

The Mulholland Drive filmmaker, a trained artist before working in cinema, is giving a self-portrait to any fan who donates $50 (£33) to Lynch Three, about his life and career.

Lynch Three producer Jon Nguyen explains, “A film can take a long time to finance so we had this ‘crowd-funding’ idea. We went to David Lynch for his seal of approval and he was up for it.

“He ended up making an abstract self-portrait and we’re going to give an original print of it to anyone who chooses to donate $50 towards the film, or a T-shirt featuring the print. We hope to raise part of the money in this way.”

Those who donate funds will also have a chance to submit documentary-makers questions for Lynch, which may be included in the finished product.

Nguyen adds, “Not only are we looking for financial support, but we’re also very interested in connecting with his fans for feedback and input. There are so many questions that we would like to ask David and building a network of his fans enables us to reach out to them and hear what his fans would like to ask him if they could hold the camera.”