M.I.A. plans X Factor burqa stunt

Controversial rapper M.I.A. is planning to audition for TV singing contest The X Factor – wearing a burqa as a disguise. The Paper Planes hitmaker wants to don the full-body Islamic veil to hide her face and perform in front of the British show’s panel of judges, which includes Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne.
She is adamant she will sail through to the next round even though her singing voice is dreadful, as she is convinced the judges will fear criticism if they send her home too early.
The hip-hop firebrand tells British newspaper The Guardian, “I was thinking of wearing a burqa and auditioning. (Would I go out in the) first round? No, second round. They’d give me a second go, because I’d be in a burqa and they’d be politically correct. Then I would get kicked off… (I’m) not really a singer, I don’t know what I am.”