Madonna and Justin Bieber Reveal Sex Secrets With Risque Game

Pop stars Madonna and Justin Bieber revealed intimate secrets about their sex lives during a risque game on a U.S. chat show on Wednesday (18Mar15).

The “Material Girl”, who is the artist in residence on comedienne Ellen DeGeneres‘ programme this week (begs16Mar15), joined frequent visitor Bieber for a game Never Have I Ever, in which players reveal naughty secrets about each other. The theme of the game was sexual by nature, and Madonna, 56, and Bieber, 21, discovered they had more in common than some might think.

Both singers admitted to fooling around in a bathroom during a party, dating siblings, fooling around with a voyeur in the room, and not knowing the name of the person they were getting intimate with. DeGeneres suggested the two are “perfect for each other”, not only because of their similar answers, but also because Madonna had revealed the day before (17Mar15) that the youngest man she had ever been with was 22. Madonna quipped, “I feel like I’m getting to know my new boyfriend!”