Madonna: ‘I was happy being soccer mom before Madame X’

Madonna was enjoying her new life in Lisbon, Portugal before she returned to the studio.
The star released her 14th studio album Madame X last month. And speaking in an Amazon Prime Original documentary short, The World of Madame X, the 60-year-old confessed she was happily enjoying her new life as a “soccer mom” before returning to the studio.
“Here in Lisbon, this is where my record was born,” the star shared. “I came to Lisbon because of my son, because of his passion for playing football. I was a ‘soccer mom’.
“Also I was happy to be out of America and to look at the world in another point of view.”
While showcasing the many personas of her Madame X character, the Vogue hitmaker also talked about how being invited to a “living room session” – an informal hangout where musicians drink wine and play music together – inspired her to work on new music.
“What struck me the most was this kind of organic, authentic feeling of people being there really because they just loved music,” Madonna added. “Money had nothing to do with it, fame had nothing to do with it, Instagram followers had nothing to do with it. It was really about passion and music and art.”
The 23-minute documentary World of Madame X is available to stream on Prime Video now. Album Madame X is out now.