Madonna’s Film Company Accused of Sexual Harassment

Superstar Madonna is facing a legal battle with a former employee of her
Maverick Films company, who claims she was sexually harassed and wrongfully

Yael Oestreich filed suit Mar. 9 in Los Angeles Superior Court,
alleging the firm’s chief executive officer (CEO) Mark Morgan failed to fulfill
his promise of a salary increase and fired her in July with no due

Oestreich’s suit lists Maverick Films co-founder Guy Oseary and Madonna as
defendants, claiming they “failed to conduct a reasonable investigation into
defendant Morgan’s background before hiring him and knew or should have known
of his propensity for sexual harassment and discrimination”.

Oestreich, who worked as a vice president of development, alleges Morgan told
her she was “uptight” for not joining in a conversation about sex, during a
November 2003 social outing.

She also claims Morgan accused her of having sexual relations with three
agents from United Talent Agency, her former employer.

Oestreich is seeking general damages, medical expenses, loss of earnings and
punitive and exemplary damages.

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