Maguire: I Am Spider-Man!

Spider-man fans: Here comes Tobey Maguire! That’s right, it is official: The 25-year-old baby-face actor has been picked to play Peter Parker, aka the new Spidey, in the upcoming Sam Raimi adaptation, The Associated Press reports today.

Maguire, whose film resume includes the Oscar-nominated “The Cider House Rules,” “Pleasantville” and “The Ice Storm,” was in final negotiations for the role last week.

He has reportedly beaten the likes of Wes Bentley and Freddie Prinze Jr. for the web-spinning comic book superhero.

And, apparently, playing the coveted part has been nothing less than, er, a transformative experience.

The actor said in an upcoming Time magazine article, “They put some kinda grease on my body and then layer after layer of this … stuff. When it hardens, they take it off, and it’s a bit painful ’cause I have hair on my body.”

OK then.