Malil testifies in stabbing case

The actor maintained his innocence in a Vista, California courtroom on Thursday (09Sep10), insisting he never intended to hurt his girlfriend Kendra Beebe in 2008.

He claims “chaos” broke out shortly after he arrived at her home and found her drinking wine with her pal David Maldonado.

Malil told the jury he grabbed a knife during a scuffle with Maldonado and was still carrying the weapon when he followed him outside into the dark night to his car.

He recalled, “I’m almost positive this guy’s got a gun and coming after me. I come around the corner. It’s eerily quiet. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I get hit from the back on the side of the head. It felt like cold granite countertop.”?

Malil claims he was acting in self-defence when he began slashing in the dark: “It was going crazy. It seemed like it was going for a minute.”

He admitted he is still stunned by the events that occurred, telling the court: “I’m sorry. I had no idea. I saw the pictures (of her wounds) for the first time, I was stunned. When I look at those pictures, I still can’t believe the knife I was holding was responsible for all those injuries.”

Malil faces 21 years behind bars if convicted of charges of premeditated attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and residential burglary.

? The trial is due to continue on Monday (13Sep10) with cross-examination.