Malin Akerman gave up showers after becoming a first-time mum

Actress Malin Akerman sacrificed her personal hygiene when she became a first-time mum in April (13) – because she couldn’t find time to shower. The Watchmen star admits she started taking “European showers” to make sure she wasn’t completely filthy, but finding time to keep herself clean was a challenge.
She explains, “Who has time? We do the European shower… where you wash the parts that need to be washed because you kinda have to.
“It was weekly… You’re walking around and all you have is this baby constantly – because they can’t do anything on their own, I mean they’re idiots, so you have to do everything for them, so I didn’t have time to take a shower.”
Baby Sebastian, the actress’ son with Italian rocker husband Robert Zincone, was born on 16 April.