Man caught up in alleged Shaq attack has X-rays to prove he was injured

A man who has accused towering former basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal of attacking him is planning to show his X-rays in court to prove just how bad his injuries were. Rob Williams claims he needed major surgery to repair the damage to his neck and spine following his May (13) showdown with Shaq, which left him with a herniated disk.
The plaintiff’s attorney, William J. McKenny, tells that his client required four screws and a metal plate as a result of the alleged encounter with O’Neal, now a TV sports pundit.
And he has the X-rays to prove that what the sportsman insists was just simple horseplay was in fact serious.
Williams filed a police report against Shaq for assault and battery and cops are investigating his claims, but no arrests have been made and no charges filed.