Mandy Patinkin hands out Homeland DVDs to poor pals

Homeland star Mandy Patinkin has revealed he bootlegs advance copies of his hit cable show to friends who can’t afford to pay for premium TV channels. The actor, who plays CIA veteran Saul Berenson in the Showtime series, tells The Hollywood Reporter he is hoping cable TV bosses can find a way to make their programming cheaper for poorer fans – and, in the meantime, he has found a way to make sure less well-off pals see his work on the acclaimed drama.
He says, “We who are doing it are absolutely taking a pay cut, and we’re still getting paid more than we deserve, in my opinion.
“I want the poorest people in this county (U.S.) to have the finest that we can possibly create, and that’s not how it’s set up at the moment. I think that’s a problem. Everything doesn’t have to be about that bottom-line dollar figure. I wish that this extraordinary stuff that’s being made by television today is available to everyone.
“We’re proud of what we’re doing on Homeland, and there are some people – who are my friends – who can’t afford $12, $14 or $15 a month. So we’re bootlegging them copies of screeners (DVDs) because we’re friends.”