Mandy Patinkin stunned by note from girl who was his first kiss

Actor/singer Mandy Patinkin received a shocking blast from the past during an appearance on TV in America on Thursday (05Dec13), after receiving a message from a woman who insisted she had been the first girl to kiss him. The star was promoting his hit TV drama series Homeland on morning show Live! with Kelly and Michael, when host Michael Strahan announced they had received an email from a woman named Sandy, who was hoping to reconnect with him.
The note read, “Mandy Patinkin was the first boy I ever kissed. Say hello to him for me, it would be nice to catch up.”
Patinkin immediately remembered who Sandy was and was stunned to learn she was looking for him.
He said, “Oh my God, will you tell her, I’ve been looking for her… She was the greatest.”
The actor then went on to detail the romantic gesture that took place between the two of them in their childhood.
He continued, “In Chicago it was cold and I was a patrol boy on a cold corner and I remember it was somewhere around the corner… and I got that kiss… It had to be before the sixth grade.”