Maren Morris: ‘The first track I wrote with my husband was terrible’

Maren Morris has promised fans they’ll never hear the awful first track she wrote with the guy who was to become her husband.
The Girl singer penned a tune with Ryan Hurd back in 2013, before they started dating, and she admits the song was terrible.
“I bet my old publisher has that in their database somewhere, but it will never ever be listened to or see the light of day,” she tells Taste of Country. “Sometimes, even in the moment, you know you’re writing just absolute c**p.
“We wrote a song called P-A-R-T-Y Not and it was awful.”
But the future couple persevered and Tim McGraw recorded the pair’s next effort, Last Turn Home.
“I don’t know why we decided to write together again after that, but luckily we did, because our second write, Tim McGraw recorded it,” Maren explains. “We’ve written 100 songs over the years. It’s so funny. We’re married now and we’ve written so many songs that I adore. It all started with P-A-R-T-Y Not.”