Margot Robbie Enjoyed Shooting Tonya Harding’s Wedding


Margot Robbie loved shooting the wedding scene in her new movie I, Tonya during her working honeymoon.

The actress and her new husband, filmmaker Tom Ackerley, didn’t have time to squeeze in a vacation around the shooting of the biopic they were producing and so opted to delay a break until after the project had wrapped.

And that meant filming Tonya’s wedding ceremony weeks after her real-life nuptials in Australia in December, 2016.

“I got married right before we shot Tonya,” Margot explains. “Tonya was our honeymoon! It was so romantic in the middle of winter in Atlanta; it was cold.

“I loved doing the wedding scene. I love a wedding. I’ve gotten married on screen maybe six times now and I always love a good wedding. It’s so fun because it really does feel like a wedding day, because you run there and there’s cake and everyone is happy and dancing.”

Researching the wedding scenes online, Margot thought it would be fun to do something figure skater Tonya Harding didn’t do – but probably wishes she had.

“I fall down YouTube rabbit holes all the time,” the actress explains. “One of my favorite things is when people choreograph a dance for their wedding dance. Like when they start off nice and then break into the running man (dance).

“I showed (co-star) Sebastian (Stan) and said, ‘Don’t you think Jeff (Gillooly) and Tonya would’ve done that?’ I said, ‘Let’s just break out into a ridiculous 80s dance. We choreographed it two minutes before shooting it. It was hilarious. Then we cut the cake and Sebastian threw it in my face, which wasn’t planned. It was so fun.”