Mariah Carey’s album delayed

Mariah Carey‘s new album Glitter has been pushed back to Sept. 11, Reuters reports.

The album was originally slated for an Aug. 21 release.

Earlier this week, Carey left a Connecticut clinic where she was recovering after suffering a nervous breakdown last month. She is currently resting at an undisclosed location with her mother.

Glitter also is the soundtrack to her new film of the same name. 20th Century Fox delayed the opening of the film to Sept. 21, possibly as a result of Carey checking herself into hospital. The film, marking Carey‘s starring debut, was originally slated for release on Aug. 31.

Virgin Music Group vice chairman Nancy Berry said in a statement that Carey is making great recovery progress and that Virgin Music Worldwide is committed in supporting her on every level.

In April, Virgin signed Carey to a five-album contract reportedly worth over $100 million. According to Virgin, the singer has sold 150 million albums and singles worldwide throughout her 11-year career.

Her first single from the new album, Loverboy, was ignored by radio stations when it was released in June. The single shot up the chart after Virgin made it available at retail at a sharply discounted price.

The film Glitter is about an aspiring young singer who dates a DJ in order to break into the music business.