Mariah Carey’s next film is “Sweet”

Mariah’s back for more.

After her favorable reviews in the Sundance Film Festival favorite Wisegirls, pop diva Mariah Carey will reteam with one of the film’s producers, Anthony Esposito, for her next acting job in the independent film Sweet Science.

Carey will play an ambitious boxing manager who hooks up with an unknown but talented female boxer to try to make a name for them both.

“I had such a great experience with Mariah Carey on Wisegirls that I wanted to make another film with her,” Esposito told Hollywood Reporter. “Her performance in Wisegirls is outstanding, with reviews from Sundance praising her work. I feel (that) given the right role, the depth of Mariah’s performance will make everyone take notice of her great acting ability.”

In Wisegirls, Carey stars alongside Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters as a streetwise-yet-kind-hearted waitress who works in a restaurant run by the mob. The film has been picked up by Lions Gate Films for U.S. distribution.