Marie Osmond nearly missed grandson’s birth

Marie Osmond has a technical malfunction on her private jet to thank for allowing her to virtually witness the birth of her first grandchild after the incident grounded her plane in Missouri. The singer/actress was flying a guest home to the state after a Christmas gig with her brother Donny on 18 December (13) when her son Stephen Craig’s wife, Claire, went into labour.
Osmond reveals she broke down in tears when she realised she wouldn’t be able to be at the hospital in person, but modern technology allowed her to be virtually present for the birth via the Facetime app on her iPhone.
During a guest-hosting stint on U.S. daytime show The Talk on Friday (17Jan14), she explained, “I was flying (my friend) back to Springfield, Missouri and I got the call that Claire had gone into labour. And just then our pilot said our plane had lost all pressurisation and I was stuck – I call it Misery in Missouri.
“I went into the bathroom and I started crying, and I was like, ‘God, really, my first grandkid?’ And I went, ‘No, don’t go there…’ She had the baby so quickly, like an hour and a half when she got to the hospital, and if I had been in the air, I would have missed the group texting and the jokes, and they Facetimed me right when the baby was born, and so I got to ‘be’ there. It was so awesome!”
Osmond also showed off a series of family photos before debuting her grandson in person on the show.