Marilyn Monroe was investigated for communist ties

Files obtained by the Associated Press through the Freedom of Information Act indicate Federal Bureau of Investigation chiefs were monitoring the Some Like It Hot star from 1955 – after she confessed to a desire to visit Russia.

The papers also suggest Monroe’s therapist and interior designer were troubled by the tragic beauty’s connection to radical political activist Frederick Vanderbilt Field, who she she frequently visited in Mexico.

Field was one of the main targets of Senator Joseph McCarthy communist ‘witch hunt’ era.

An excerpt from the new report reads, “This situation caused considerable dismay among Miss Monroe’s entourage and also among the (American Communist Group in Mexico).”

But despite a heavy focus on the blonde bombshell, investigators failed to find any proof she was a member of the Communist Party.

A July, 1962 entry states: “Subject’s views are very positively and concisely leftist; however, if she is being actively used by the Communist Party, it is not general knowledge among those working with the movement in Los Angeles.”