Marin’s ex-wife denied restraining order

Patti Heid, who wed the Cheech & Chong star in 1986, asked for the ban after accusing the actor of verbally attacking her during an incident in January (11).

She claimed Marin lost his temper when she refused to sign a legal document regarding the transfer of property, and reportedly threatened his ex with legal action.

In her legal papers, Heid stated, “(He) fractured my cheek, blackened my eye and violently choked me, causing severe bruising on my neck and neck pain… numbing of my arms and hands.”

She also alleged Marin, 64, placed his hands around their son’s neck too.

Heid had her initial request for an immediate restraining order denied earlier this month (Feb11) and the Los Angeles County Superior Court judge dismissed her application again on Wednesday (16Feb11), ruling there was no evidence to prove Marin had acted in a threatening manner.

And Marin, who is now married to classical pianist Natasha Rubin, is relieved to have cleared his name. He tells, “It feels good to be vindicated by the judicial system. I wish my ex-wife well… just not next door to me, where she lives now.”