Mark E. Smith’s funeral wake descends into chaotic brawl

The Fall rocker Mark E. Smith’s funeral wake descended into chaos after mourners threw drinks at each other, according to two of his former bandmates.
The Kurious Oranj singer, who passed away at the age of 60 last month (Jan18), was remembered in a service at Blackley Crematorium in Manchester, England on Tuesday (06Feb18).
After the funeral, mourners paid their respects by heading to a wake at one of the hard living rocker’s favourite pubs, The Woodthorpe in Prestwich, but Ben Pritchard, who played with Mark in the Fall from 2001 to 2006, says violence quickly broke out.
“Just about managed to escape with my life from Mark E Smith’s funeral,” he tells Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper. “The ceremony itself was nice, touching in places.
“The wake, however, didn’t last half an hour before bottles were thrown and drinks poured over people. Total disrespect, he’d have loved it. I kind of expected it but hoped otherwise.”
Actor and musician Steve Evets who played with The Fall for two years from 2000, backed up Ben’s account, stating that the funeral wake resembled one of the band’s famously boisterous gigs.
He wrote on Twitter, “I’ve got to say #MarkESmith ‘s funeral was just like a Fall gig, some strange people there, it was unpredictable and it kicked off. I don’t think he would have had it any other way, we love you Mark.”
The rocker’s cause of death is yet to be revealed, and his manager and girlfriend Pam Van Damned, asked the media and fans to be respectful of his family’s privacy. He performed from a wheelchair during his final gig in Glasgow, Scotland in November (17).
Mark formed The Fall in 1976, and the band have released 32 studio albums. Due to numerous lineup changes, he is the only constant member of the post-punk group.