Mark Ronson settles second Uptown Funk lawsuit


Mark Ronson has settled a second lawsuit over his and Bruno Mars‘ 2014 hit Uptown Funk.

According to legal documents obtained by, Mark has settled a dispute with executives at Lastrada Entertainment, who own the rights to Zapp & Roger’s 1980 hit More Bounce to the Ounce.
Lastrada bosses sued the British star alleging he ripped off the track on Uptown Funk. Bruno, who sings and has a co-writing credit on the song, was not named in the entertainment firm’s lawsuit. The documents do not disclose whether any money changed hands as a result of the settlement.

Mark and Bruno settled an earlier lawsuit brought by the 1980s funk band Collage – who also claimed their work had been plagiarised. A source told TMZ that no money changed hands as a part of that agreement.

The duo also face a third lawsuit over the song – as Angie Stone and her band The Sequence are also taking legal action, alleging Uptown Funk was inspired by their 1979 track Funk You Up.
Members of The Sequence are asking for a jury trial and unspecified amount of money from Bruno and Mark.

Uptown Funk was a huge hit on its release – topping charts around the world and winning the 2016 Grammy Award for Record of the Year.

However, Bruno and Mark have since been hit by multiple copyright claims. In addition to the three lawsuits, they have also been forced to credit members of funk outfit The Gap Band as co-writers on the song due to its similarities to the group’s 1979 anthem Oops Up Side Your Head.

Serbian pop artist Viktorija has also claimed that the song borrows from her work.