Mark Ruffalo: ‘Cardinal Bernard Law was a terrible human being’


Actor Mark Ruffalo has dubbed disgraced archbishop Cardinal Bernard Law a “terrible human being” following his death on Wednesday (20Dec17).

The former Boston, Massachusetts-based clergyman was one of the key figures of the Catholic Church’s child sex abuse scandal, and resigned in 2002 after an expose in the Boston Globe revealed he had repeatedly covered up cases of pedophilia involving his priests.

The controversy was chronicled in Oscar-winning 2015 movie Spotlight, in which Ruffalo starred as one of the investigative reporters involved in breaking the story.

Despite Law’s actions, he was promoted to high priest of the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome, Italy, where he died after battling an illness in hospital, aged 86.

Ruffalo took to Twitter to share news articles about Law’s demise, and captioned them, “This was a terrible human being…”

“One can only hope the countless sexual abuse of children he allowed and the subsequent profound suffering he hid will come to an end with his demise,” he added.