Mark Wahlberg impressed by Londoners’ resolve after terror attacks and tragedy


Mark Wahlberg has been inspired by Londoners’ response to terror attacks and tower blazes in recent weeks as he promotes his new Transformers film in the city.

Like many people, the movie star was stunned by the loss of lives following two recent terror attacks and the Grenfell Tower tragedy, but he was impressed by the way everyone appeared to be keen to move on the next day, despite the reminders of how fragile life can be.

Wahlberg, who shot parts of the new Transformers film, The Last Knight, in London, tells news show Extra, “They (Londoners) kind of, you know, they obviously had to deal with this sort of thing for a long time, years ago, so the way that they’ve kind of continued to always come together and stay strong.

“It’s amazing and it’s inspiring, you know, to just kind of drive down the street and see that people, you know, won’t be told (how) to live their lives. They’re still out at cafes and going to places and doing things. It’s pretty remarkable, the strength and resilience that they show.”

And he has a new favorite Brit after working with Sir Anthony Hopkins in the new action blockbuster.

“My character gets dragged to England by Sir Anthony Hopkins’ character and kind of put together with this female professor from Oxford, and basically I’m a fish out of water,” he explains. “Us dealing with each other, it makes for a lot of great humour, and then I was kind of sent on this mission… to help save the world, bring the Transformers back together.

“I loved working with Anthony. He and I were trying to have dinner ’cause he lives in Malibu and we had such a great time together and got along so well.”

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