Mark Wahlberg Plotting Directing Career


Mark Wahlberg is looking to try his hand at directing.

The actor has performed in front of the camera since the early ’90s and began producing in 2004 with documentary Juvies, about two youths serving at a detention center in Los Angeles.

Speaking with movie website Collider, Mark explained how he’s already plotting to make his directorial debut.

“It’s either going to happen this time next year, or maybe five years from now, who knows?” he said.

“But maybe this time next year. I have one specific project that I’m thinking about. It takes place in Wisconsin. It’s a true story.”

Before he embarks on a directing career though, Mark still has to promote his latest acting projects.

His new film, All the Money in the World, about the kidnapping of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty’s grandson, ran into trouble after sexual harassment allegations against actor Kevin Spacey surfaced, leaving director Ridley Scott forced to recast and reshoot Kevin’s scenes.

Christopher Plummer was brought in last minute to take over the role of Getty, and Mark said watching Ridley at work was an enlightening experience.

“A lot of people worked really hard on this movie and Ridley was not going to make their hard work go away, he wanted this movie to be seen and I completely support that,” the 46-year-old praised. “I think it’s amazing how he was able to pull it together. For me to be able to go make a movie with Ridley Scott it was a dream come true. To be able to sit and watch and learn from him as an aspiring filmmaker, and then to see him deal with these things… (that) was very impressive.”