Mark Wahlberg Slams Eminem, Affleck and Damon

Hollywood hunk Mark Wahlberg has slammed Eminem, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for
giving a false impression of tough, impoverished childhoods in their music and

The Italian Job star has lambasted Damon, his co-star in new movie The
, for romanticizing difficult upbringings in Good Will Hunting, his
debut film with Affleck.

Wahlberg–who blames his assault conviction 17 years ago on his harsh childhood–has also attacked rapper Eminem for idealizing his difficult
formative years in his biopic 8 Mile, in an interview with Details magazine.

The 33-year-old actor complains, “My childhood wasn’t like some 8 Mile
bulls**t where you go and have a rap-off.

“Or like West Side Story, where you all start dancing and s**t. If I make a film about my upbringing it’s going to be about more than a f**king kid doing math, like in Good Will Hunting, you know what I mean?”

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