Marlon Brando’s Ex Reveals Family Sex Secrets in New Book

Marlon Brando‘s Tahitian ex-wife is set to wreck the movie great’s legacy in a
revealing new book by claiming he sexually abused their daughter.

Tarita Teriipia (corr), who met and fell for the late star on the set of
Mutiny on the Bounty in the early 1960s, later bore him a son and daughter but
admits life with Brando was a living hell.

And in her new book, Marlon, My Love & My Torment, the 63-year-old Tahitian
reveals the late star’s over-fondness for his own daughter, Cheyenne, may have
led to her suicide death in 1995.

Teriipia claims she found an entry in her daughter’s diary after the
25-year-old had hanged herself, which confirmed her worst fears about her
ex-husband’s relationship with his then teenage daughter.

According to Teriipia, Cheyenne revealed her father used to massage her “as
if he wanted me to pretend we were making love.”

Teriipia admits she felt compelled to pen the tell-all because she didn’t
want Brando‘s grandchildren to think the movie star was all-great.

She says, “I wanted our children, all our grandchildren to know our history.”

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