Martin Sheen performs high school play with summer camp kids

Hollywood veteran Martin Sheen thrilled high school students in New Mexico on Monday (03Jun13) by joining them to perform a play they had written as part of a summer camp programme. American Indian teens at Shiprock High School came up with the plot for Navajo News, a series of comedy sketches about the Navajo tribe’s way of life, and staged the one-off play at the Phil L. Thomas Performing Arts Center in Shiprock – with one very special guest.
Apocalypse Now star Sheen became involved in the Native Vision summer camp after agreeing to speak at a fundraiser for the programme, but when he learned about the drama workshops, he asked to take part.
Speaking before the show, Sheen told local paper the Farmington Daily Times, “Acting is what I do for a living. Activism is what I do to stay alive.”
He also revealed that he was inspired working with the students and admitted that they reminded him of why he wanted to start acting: “Most of (the students) are very shy – they’re not intimidated – they’re just shy. You can really only learn about yourself through others… That’s what the arts are all about. It’s about reflecting the spirit.”