“Matrix Revolutions” To Premiere at New L.A. Venue

The Matrix Revolutions will have its world premiere Oct. 27 at the Disney Hall, an new futuristic structure in the downtown area of Los Angeles, Variety reports.

Designed by architect Frank Gehry, the $217 million concert hall will have its official opening only four days before the preem of the last installment in the Matrix series. When Revolutions producer Joel Silver, a friend of Gehry, saw the building for the first time during a construction tour last spring, he knew he wanted it to be the place for the premiere. Silver broached the idea to his friend and the designer agreed immediately.

“This is the right building for The Matrix Revolutions,” Silver told Variety. “Frank Gehry has a very cinematic style of architecture. People will be blown away by the space and by the picture. When the lights go down, you’ll be in the world of the Matrix; when they come up, you’ll be in the world of Frank Gehry, which is some futuristic place that is not now.”

Though the venue was only recently deemed usable as a film theater, the hall has 2,265 seats, many of which are on the side as well as some which would be behind the screen, Variety reports. Silver estimated the number of total seats available for the premiere would be around 1,800 and that some adjustments may be made to the enhance the acoustics as well.

The hall has an unusually tight schedule of galas, concerts and rehearsals during that first week and will most likely not be available for a film premiere for another year, due to a jam-packed live-performance schedule, Variety reports.

The Matrix Revolutions opens in theaters Nov. 5.