Matt, Ben Go ‘Survivor’

Imagine you’re ABC and you’re trying to get a slice of the reality-programming pie that’s getting hogged by CBS’ “Survivor” — what would you do? How about creating a reality-based program of your own — but with big names like, oh, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck attached to the project?

Bingo. ABC today announced that the boy-wonder team of Damon and Affleck has signed on to executive produce “The Runner,” the network’s turn at putting human beings in exploitative situations for the sake of ratings.

The series was spawned from the “Good Will Hunting” minds of Damon and Affleck. It’ll focus on a single individual as he (or she) attempts to cross the country with his/her anonymity intact, meaning that the person has to avoid being identified by scrutinizing viewers during his (or her) journey.

While details of “The Runner” have yet to be disclosed, the show is scheduled to air later this season.

And in related giving-out-big-money-to-regular-people TV news, ABC has also confirmed plans to hatch a primetime version of the hit computer quiz game “You Don’t Know Jack.”