Watch Matt Damon be George Clooney’s ‘Manny’


Matt Damon played George Clooney’s ‘manny’ during a skit on TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (23Oct17).

The movie star, who has been the butt of funnyman host Kimmel’s jokes for years, walked onto the studio set with a stroller for two when guest Clooney asked the audience if they wanted to meet his newborn twins.

When Kimmel pretended to object to his longtime ‘foe’ getting past security, Damon protested, “I’m his manny… I’m a nanny who’s a man.”

The host shot back, “You’re not a man,” prompting Damon to respond, “That’s not what your wife said!”

The jibing continued as Kimmel said, “Based on your physique, I guess you’re breastfeeding the children too,” to which Damon replied, “I actually just wanted to get their nap, so I brought them to a place where they wouldn’t get woken up by laughter.”

When Kimmel asked to see the twins, Damon flipped him off with both hands, declaring, “There they are right there! This is Screw and this is You.”

As Kimmel’s security team hauled Matt away, Clooney, who was trying to keep a straight face throughout the comedy exchange, offered, “He’s just good with the kids.”

Clooney and Damon appeared on the late night show to promote their new movie Suburbicon.