Matthew McConaughey’s good looks cost his family $35,000

Actor Matthew Mcconaughey lost out on a $35,000 (£23,300) lawsuit after he was named the most handsome guy in high school. The Magic Mike star suffered from oily skin as a teenager and turned to mink oil to help treat the problem.
He tells U.S. late night host Jimmy Fallon, “Three years before I got this award for Most Handsome, I’m a teenager, I’m 15 years old. Oily skin, you got a few pimples and stuff. Well, my mom is peddling this stuff, the oil of mink…”
After using the mink oil for a few weeks, McConaughey developed acne and had to be placed on medication, prompting his parents to file a lawsuit for emotional distress, alleging he had a hard time dating because of his awful skin.
During the deposition years later, the lawyer pulled out a picture of the actor when he won the award.
He continues, “I knew right then we lost.”
The case was subsequently dismissed.